Black Friday Sale SMS Marketing

Creating a Black Friday Campaign: Make more sales!


Creating a Black Friday SMS strategy for a Black Friday campaign for any company involves planning for promotional messaging, target audience, promotions, scheduling, and engagement methods. 

Customers are getting a little excited about Black Friday because they are looking forward to your offers. Arkesel houses an array of products which would make your Black Friday offers exciting and action driven.

Here's a comprehensive SMS strategy:

  1. Define our campaign objectives
  • Increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales during the Black Friday period.
  • Promote exclusive Black Friday deals and discounts offered by your brand
  1. Identify Target Audience:
  •  Existing customers of the business who have given you their contact. You would have to organize this contact list in an Microsoft Excel file and mark columns for their First name (in some cases, company name) and Phone Number.
  1. Key Content:

Pre-Black Friday Teasers:

Build anticipation by teasing upcoming Black Friday deals and highlighting their value. This may mean posting this on your social media, website banners and other media to strengthen the teaser communication you would send via SMS to make it a wholesome experience.

Create Your Exclusive Black Friday Offers:

Prepare your exclusive discounts or packages for SMS marketing during Black Friday. This offer should be sent at least 3 days or more before the actual date to allow customers to plan.

  1. Content Format:
  •  Short and punchy texts to convey the message effectively within the character limit.
  • Use clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to drive traffic to the website, social media or encourage sign-ups. See here for a copy, paste and edit template.
  1. Scheduling:
  • Pre-Black Friday Teasers: Send out teasers 1-2 weeks before Black Friday.
  • Exclusive Black Friday Offers: Send out promotions a few days before Black Friday and on Black Friday itself.

For our current users, simply go to your SMS Dashboard and upload your updated SMS list, insert your message and schedule for the selected dates.

  1. Measuring Success:
  • Track message open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and customer inquiries.
  • Monitor new sign-ups or subscriptions attributed to the Black Friday campaign.
  1. Continuous Improvement:
  • Analyze campaign data to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement for future marketing campaigns.


By implementing this strategy, your business can effectively promote their Black Friday offers and engage both existing and potential customers, driving sales and achieving campaign objectives.

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