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EventsDon, The New Face Of Event Management

Event Planning is an incredibly daunting task to take on whenever you think about the list of guests have to assemble, the caterers you have to hire for food, or printing out a dozen invitations to issue to your event’s attendees. It is no secret that all of these efforts take a toll on your wallet, and it often has you thinking “There’s got to be a better way of handling all this”.

Well, look no further than the latest in event management and planning; EventsDon. EventsDon is a mobile application that assists its users with all stages of putting together events, from the basic to the more complex activities, and ensures the smooth progression of all their stages to successfully put together an event your attendees can enjoy.

To get started with the app, you would need to create an account on the official EventsDon website by filling in the necessary information in several sections. Then you will get a verification alert in your email inbox telling you to verify your address for the account as well as your phone. Put in those required details to then activate the account for use.

When you have your account created, you can get right down to creating an event, which begins with clicking the “Create an Event” button on the page, then leads right to filling out required and correct details for a form that pops up. Afterward, you click save and your event set-up is good to go which will be indicated when you are sent back to the main page and the validation message reads “Success”.   

Once set up, users have access to multiple features that make their event planning and management experience an improved one:

  • First off, there’s the ability to keep track of your guests’ attendance and their vital data such as phone numbers and emails via USSD which allows you to have follow-ups with those guests, and our SMS service is a great way of getting feedback to improve future events. For example, participants at a Human Resource Workshop the organizing company stays in touch with could offer feedback as to what implementations would make a great fit for the next ones. It is also important to keep connected since it can lead to more guests for your next events per your previous guests’ recommendations.
  •  There is also the feature of being able to collect and organize donations from guests at events like funerals and church functions without writing names and amounts on pieces of paper. What would’ve taken hours to do can now be done in mere minutes with all the names of donators already saved on the application and tracks the number of them made along with the amounts given.
  • If attendees express interest in attending your events, they can simply sign up for them by dialing our RSVP USSD Codes. Rather than writing responses on sent invitation cards, guests would have their names, numbers, and other details within EventsDon’s database which certifies them as guests that can come to events being held. This is a feasible alternative to physical invitation cards that may not make it back to senders on time.
  • Electronic Brochures for events can be sent via our SMS System, which saves you a lot of money and time. One click of a button distributes them to all your guests with minimal effort and less cost since all you need is a mobile phone with no Wi-Fi connectivity necessary.
  • You can also monitor, analyze and report on your events. EventsDon allows you to generate reports on all your events as per their turnouts. With the input of data from the number of guests that came, donations made and people hired to work at your events, it is easy to come up with accurate reports that detail how events went to determine if they went according to your specifications.
  • EventsDon allows the splitting of tasks as well by adding collaborators to help you plan and manage activities.

With us, your days of tedious event management and planning are a thing of the past. We set it all to easy mode for your comfort on the job. So sign up today at and level up with the next big thing in the event management space.

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